Sublunary Echo
Sublunary echo is an interactive installation that uses bioluminescent phytoplankton(P. fusiformis) as a material. This piece makes a feedback loop among natural elements, humans and machines, alluding to the symbiotic relationship and cycle with a different type of energy. In this installation, audience can interact with living light particles and explore the sound of microorganism. The main technology I used in this project is sonification and computer vision (openCV). The camera detects the bright objects when the bioluminescent algae make light. And the program converts a number of particles into sound. In this project, computer technology translates the microscopic nature and interaction with individual ourselves. By exploring microcosm, I tried to exhibit my idea about the relationship between human, natural element
and technology.
Voice interaction: Voice trigger - particle detection
Voice control
Particle detection
Microscopic World
Normal state
Crystalised state